Podcast – how to start your own

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Forår 2023

Podcast has taken the world by storm. Everybody is now producing podcasts – and even more people are listening on their way to work, between meetings or even in the shower. Podcast has become a popular way to obtain new information and get inspired.
Because of that podcast is now a very important media for companies and organizations since podcast is a way for businesses to share their knowledge to their specific target group. It is effective – and it helps the companies to interact with their target group in a personal way.

But how can your company or organization start its own podcast – and what do you need to learn before you go on the air?

In our two-day course we teach you how to create your own podcast and make the world listen. During the course we guide you all the way from your first idea to your final podcast, and you will learn all the steps between concept developing and how you record, edit and publish your own podcast.

The course is very practical, and you will get recording equipment in your own hands and try to record, edit and publish yourself.

Besides that, you will learn:
– what kind of content that is suited for podcasting
– how to build a podcast concept that hit the target group
– what recording equipment and computer programs you need to start yourself
– how to find music and jingles
– how to promote your podcast on social media (e.g. by using audiograms), in newsletters and on your website. We also teach you about keyword optimization
– how to record a call on your phone
– how to get listeners
… and even more.

During the course we give you an introduction to all the basic knowledge you need to create your own podcast. We also introduce you to the new RØDECaster pro podcast-studio and all its great features.

We put recording equipment for your disposal. All you need to bring is a headset and your laptop with the sound editing program Hindenburg installed (you can get a 30-days free trial).

The course is for you who has no knowledge about podcasting our only knows a little. The most important thing is that you are ready to go practical and learn something new. Many previous participants in the course have afterwards been producing their own podcast or been responsible for podcasting at their workplace.

About your teachers:
Søren Prehn is radio journalist and owns the company podcastteam.dk. For several years he has been producing radio and podcasts for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) which makes him one of the most experienced podcasters in Denmark. Today he produces podcasts for companies like the
lawyer company Kromann Reumert, hospitals and several schools and universities. During the years he has been teaching about podcasting at Mediernes Efteruddannelse and various educations at The Danish School of Media and Journalism.

Anika Thorø is a multimedia journalist who is experienced not only to work with podcasts but also video, text and social media. She is dedicated to help companies bring their good stories to life on different platforms, and because of her earlier work, in Denmark and out in the world, she knows how
to convey nerdy information and complex issues into something everyone would understand. She owns the company Efiki. Read more at efiki.dk.


Søren Prehn

Søren Prehn, uddannet journalist og indehaver af podcastteam.dk, producerede i mange år til DR og er en af de meste erfarne podcastere herhjemme, som udarbejder koncepter og producerer podcast til danske virksomheder og organisationer. Alt bliver redigeret i Hindenburg. Stor undervisningserfaring blandt andet fra Medierne Efteruddannelse, fagjournalist-linien, DMJX grunduddannelse og Kommunikationsuddannelsen. Derudover er han musiker og foredragsholder med “Kys, kampråb og luftguitar”, der er en beretning om den danske musikscene fra Steppeulvene træder i studiet og frem til i dag. Et foredrag, der bygger på de over 100 radioportrætter Søren Prehn har lavet med kendte danske kunstnere.